The Real Impact of Technologies: A Television Interview with Simon Vumbaca, The Contemplationist.

The Real Impact of Technologies: A Television Interview with Simon Vumbaca, The Contemplationist. - 1

Renowned Contemplationist and technology ethics expert Simon Vumbaca was recently interviewed on the Italian television program FvgTech, hosted by Gabriele Gobbo. The interview focused on Simon Vumbaca’s unique perspective on emerging technologies and their cultural and sociological impact on personal development, businesses, life and they overall come to shape the future of our interactions.

Simon Vumbaca, the Contemplationist, is regarded as a visionary figure in the world of technology businesses and the associated philosophy, including artificial intelligence, advocating for humanity to remain at the centre of technical and technological evolution with a purpose. He is known for his ability to apply his observations and values to the real world, has successfully transformed and, when applied to businesses, generated significant long-term positive value in companies where ASVPO invests.

During this FvgTech episode, Simon Vumbaca emphasized the importance of distinguishing the development process of technologies from their ultimate purpose. He stated:

“One must not confuse the process with which technologies are developed, with the purpose for which they are developed. Asking the right questions during the development of new technologies is crucial to ensure they serve a meaningful and beneficial purpose for society while respecting the commercial interests of those involved.”

The interview explored various aspects of the technological revolution, with Simon Vumbaca underscoring the need for a conscious and reflective approach to technological development. He highlighted the importance of questioning the ethical and social implications of new technologies, often overlooked in the current climate of rapid progress.

Simon Vumbaca emphasized that technology for its own sake is useless, and innovation without ethical guidance and understanding of its potential impact can lead to unintended negative consequences.

Simon Vumbaca also acknowledged that ethics and priorities will vary over time, geography, and cultures. His interview with Gabriele Gobbo served as an important step in reaching a wide audience and stimulating a critical discussions on the responsible and sustainable use of emerging technologies.

The comprehensive interview with Simon Vumbaca, facilitated by Gabriele Gobbo, is now accessible on YouTube with subtitles in multiple languages, granting a wide audience access to this crucial dialogue on the future.

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