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Private Office


As shareholder we work with the business to set and to execute a sophisticated value creation strategy.


A diversified, harmonised portfolio in Healthcare, Sports, Sustainable Infrastructure, Energy, and IT businesses.

ASVPO focuses in a portfolio of existing and prospective commercial interests consonant with its value.

The current portfolio is constructed to be diversified and harmonised across a range of sectors and geographies including Healthcare, Sports, Sustainable Infrastructure, Energy, and Technology businesses.

ASVPO offer radical stimulus for our portfolio companies, helping to uncover often overlooked revenue streams from setting or resetting the initial deal strategy to unpicking the intricacies of licensing and rights to leave nothing on the table at exit.

We embrace agile thinking, we believe a decision-making process should be both refreshing and sophisticated.

“There’s no time like the present, to build a better future”

Simon Vumbaca

ASVPO Principal

We take a long-term view of the potential of the businesses we back.

We have constructed a portfolio which aligns with our values and the ASVPO team consistently ensures that the investment of time, expertise and capital is deployed where it will be most beneficial for all stakeholders.

The Office also oversees the operation of the Simon Vumbaca Academy, an institution established to efficiently enable access either programmatically or through bespoke modules, to Simon Vumbaca’s unique expertise for the current and next generation of deal makers.


Portfolio of interests

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