Shall we burry our head in the Sand and pretend all is well

Shall we burry our head in the Sand and pretend all is well - 1

Waking up every morning to news readers telling us how the basic services the state is supposed to deliver are not working and are losing money. Then you hear about how corporations are driving production prices down via their competitive processes, leaving the producers exposes and with losses, particularly if anything is amended in the initial terms. In the Food distribution, Superstores say they are doing it to protect consumers even if the discounts are never passed on until perishable goods are expiring and need to get rid of. These are goods that should have not been produced in the first place and are so the Superstore can access mega discounts on scalable productions. The energy production is linked to natural resources free to all.

However, we managed to create such a complex infrastructure around it that we cannot even freely collect our own solar or wind energy: we must connect to the grid and pay a rent, just in case, we are told, whilst the energy companies post record profits the elderly is restricted from access to energy as they can no longer afford it. And with all of it Governments taxes go up when social services, policing quality, infrastructure and alike are going down. And then there are corruptions, briberies, unpunished corporate criminal behaviours, trial by media, fake news etc. that are the reference point for hasty judgments of opinions, rarely fat based and often opinion based. 

In any walk of life normal balanced read the above is clearly a sign that things do not work as they should, that they are about to reach break point. So how long shall the head be buried in the sound? How long shall a community accept and pretend that all will be ok in the end as some unqualified persons are making decisions for all? I am not promoting for anarchy or dictatorship. Neither of these have worked and have been proven as flowed, if not more flowed, than the current system. So, what is the possible alternative? What could be done? Shall we just ignore it all and go about our day distracted by all the widgets we are told matter and that are supposed to make us happy?

My grandfather used to say that if something is advertised it means you do not need it! How right was he!!

Now the question to address is within each of us individually: what is that we truly need and desire that will make us happy and go about our life regardless of rain, sun, snow or global socio-economics strategies. There is no right and wrong, no left and right, no up and down. Just what works for us or does not. we must be clear on it before we even start to decide anything or commit to something. If it matches the plan desired then it is a go, if not then rethink it!  That is for each of us to define individually after a long and hard truthful look at oneself in the mirror. No one can possibly tell us what it is, at best they can tell us what worked for them.

Simon Vumbaca

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