Introducing ASV Private Office. Bringing dealmaking a new lease of life

Introducing ASV Private Office. Bringing dealmaking a new lease of life - 1

The Management is proud to announce the launch of ASV Private Office (“ASVPO”) targeting a sustainable growth strategy across a portfolio of complementary sectors with a particular focus on Sports, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Energy, Technology and Healthcare.

Founder and Principal Simon Vumbaca, had been at the heart of some of the most high-profile, big-ticket global deals of the last thirty years in these sectors. He is already a well-known figure, particularly in Sport through his directorships at Sunderland Football Club and British Basketball and his leading role in Formula 1’s deals with Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2019 Simon died for 27 seconds, this second chance gave him cause to reassess how the world works and lives including how the private investment model could be reimagined.

The ASVPO model is to lead a carefully constructed group of aligned interested parties and expert collaborators to set and to execute a sophisticated value creation strategy. The model harnesses commercial experience, technical expertise from within industry, proprietary technology and ASVPO’s extensive global network of institutional and private investors to uncover revenue streams for the benefit of the business, investors and wider stakeholders. 

The current portfolio is constructed to be diversified across a range of geographies and incorporates complementary synergies across ASVPO’s core sectors.  ASVPO will target high-potential businesses in the same sectors using proprietary technology and an industrialist mindset to assess deals and to identify opportunities for value creation.

The management team brings together a range of complementary skills and experience from within tier 1 industry, blue-chip private markets pedigree and best-in-class marketing and digital transformation.

Simon Vumbaca, Principal and Founder of ASVPO, said: “We founded ASVPO with the mission to deliver sustainable growth and future-proof businesses for the benefit of all. We have sought out complementary synergies and ASVPO seeks to be an agent for positive change in every business we back. We see responsible business as a value creation lever- we believe businesses which are managed sustainably, perform well and are more resilient, scalable and valuable.”  

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